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KHDK Electronics has released its latest artist collaboration with Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman and Brian Posehn—a pastel-pink, phallic-themed “dickstortion pedal” called My Big Fatt Rawk.

Initially thought by fans to be an April Fools’ joke, the My Big Fatt Rawk’s name draws inspiration from Posehn and Trohman’s Big Fat Rock, which is part of their 2020 metal album, Grandpa Metal.

“No face, chest or Greyhound Bus bench is safe: this dickstortion combines aggressive sound + tone-shaping EQ that penetrates the mix and pushes blistering solos and ripping riffs to a powerful tone-gasm,” KHDK wrote.

Featuring a design by KHDK’s Antonin Salva, the My Big Fatt Rawk consists of solid-state and MOSFET components for some amp-style distortion and retro treble-boosting overdrive. The enclosure carries control knobs for Hardness, Girth, Length, and Shrinkage.

Hardness controls the gain, Length is responsible for the output, while Shrinkage handles a passive low-pass filter. Ultimately, Girth manages the pre-distortion EQ so you can go “from tight bass to thick massive tone.”

Accepting to KHDK, the My Big Fatt Rawk “works great as your main tool in front of your amp’s clean channel,” as well as “with other distortion pedals, or in front of your amp’s built-in distortion, for a tighter assault.”

Available to pre-order until the end of April from KHDK, the limited-edition My Big Fatt Rawk retails for $229.99.

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