Keeley Electronics Launches the Long-Awaited ECCOS Pedal Leave a comment

Keeley Electronics has finally released its highly-anticipated flagship Delay/Looper effects stompbox at the opening day of Winter NAMM.

The ECCOS Delay/Looper pedal was first announced at NAMM 2018, and for some time, has been available to preorder online. However, Robert Keeley wanted to tweak further and rescheduled the release date for January 16.

“The ECCOS Delay/Looper pedal has truly become our flagship design. It has eclipsed my wildest dreams. But, I need some more time to finish a couple sounds and features I want included in the product. It has to be perfect. I know you and all other guitar players will be amazed at what a musical instrument it is,” he stated.

Keeley’s flagship stompbox is a great way to inject an analog tape delay’s lush sound to a guitar tone while reaping the perks of digital technology. Whether the user wants wild, tape-flanged trails or just simple clean repeats, the ECCOS serves as the perfect tool for the job.

Sporting a remote switcher, presets, true-stereo I/O, and expression control, the ECCOS is complete with all the necessary features to integrate it into a pro-quality pedalboard. This Delay/Looper pedal leverages 24-bit processing and pure analog dry audio path to guarantee top-shelf sound.

The ECCOS Delay/Looper is priced at $249.

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