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Following the release of its Julia Vibrato/Chorus pedal, Walrus Audio has debuted a flagship range of studio-quality effects with a high-fidelity stereo delay stompbox, the Mako Series D1.

The stellar-looking D1 delay pedal is as infinitely customizable as a digital delay stompbox can get. The first entry into Walrus Audio’s Mako series, this multifunction pedal serves up five studio-quality programs, each tuned for the ultimate in high fidelity.

The custom-tuned programs include MODulation, VINTage, DIGital, REVerse, and DUAL. Each one is tunable with subdivisions, tone, modulation, and age. Users may save it to any of the nine onboard preset slots or 128 via MIDI.

The stompbox carries an Attack control capable of softening the impact of echoes or yielding beautiful, dreamy soundscapes when raised. Meanwhile, Age lets users add some grit to their sound when necessary.

The D1 also features a Tweak dial that enables users to fully tailor every program to their playing style. Elsewhere on the stompbox, users can find a MIDI control, stereo in and out, as well as nine onboard presets.

This high-fidelity stereo delay pedal comes in a custom anodized silver aluminum chassis and operates on 9VDC power.

The D1 delay stompbox is already available for $299. Drop by Walrus Audio for more details.

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