Keeley Katana Clean Boost

Keeley Katana Clean Boost Returns in a “Throwback White” Finish Leave a comment

Keeley Electronics has given its famed Katana Clean Boost a minimalist “throwback white” make-over that matches its functionality.

Sporting revamped circuitry and an aluminium control knob, the Katana Clean Boost, in its default mode, raises your signal volume without coloration. Alternatively, it lets you pull the dial out for a beefier, harmonically lush boost that dims the line between boost and overdrive.

According to Keeley Electronics, the new design came after they “listened to what our players wanted and went back to our roots.” While the new Katana employs the same JFETs and component values, the boost mode now has a clearer bass character.

In terms of hardware, the Katana has been upgraded with “modern construction techniques,” aiming to make it “the most dependable Clean Boost on the market.” The dual-purpose control knob is adjustable on the fly and is now aluminium, in contrast with the plastic that the earlier version had.

Originally made as part of Keeley’s Time Machine Boost, the Katana circuit is Robert Keeley’s first guitar effect design for the brand. It became a standalone unit under the Keeley name after the launch of the original Keeley Compressor.

The throwback white Katana Clean Boost carries a price tag of $179.


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