TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo

TC Electronic Collaborates With Paul Gilbert on a New MojoMojo Leave a comment

TC Electronic has joined forces with Paul Gilbert on a new revamped variant of its MojoMojo Overdrive.

Aesthetic changes include the addition of Paul’s name and a new purple paint job. But internally, the central toggle switch no longer alters between two voices. Instead, it brings the stompbox up to 11, providing more attack and gain.

The rest of the controls stay the same, with dials for bass, drive, level, and treble for easy tweaking of your gain sound. As TC Electronic puts it, it’s “like the perfect chicken tender, combining juicy and crunchy in the most delicious way possible!”

Featuring only one voice, the Paul Gilbert MojoMojo Overdrive has also been modified to dish out an overdrive sound fit to Paul’s liking. Add to that the higher internal operating voltage, which allows for much higher headroom.

According to TC Electronic, “If you’re looking for a huge overdrive sound, you better ally with Mr. Big himself to have the fundamental tone dialed in just right!”

The Paul Gilbert MojoMojo Overdrive comes after the release of the Magus Pro (a more compact variant of the Rat-style Magus distortion) and the Zeus Drive (TC Electronics’ take on the Klon-style transparent overdrive).

Other features include side-mounted jacks, soft true bypass switching, and an affordable price tag of $69.

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