Vahlbruch FX Drops the Kaluna Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Leave a comment

Germany-based effects pedal manufacturer Vahlbruch FX has unveiled the Kaluna High Voltage Tube Drive, “redesigned from scratch to meet their own high demands on sound and flexibility.”

The Vahlbruch Kaluna features a pure analog circuitry spec’d from a 250-Volt ECC83/12AX7 double triode tube. Such type of tube circuit requires a high voltage generated internally from the standard 9V power supply. It is responsible for the lush overtone content, the percussive attack response, the unique overdrive transparency, and the typical complex compression, which characterizes overdriven boutique tube amps. 

Hand-built in Germany, the Kaluna sports a versatile active three-band tone control to perfectly match its sound spectrum to the amp setup, effects chain, and guitar used. It enables a broad range of distortion characteristics from subtle breakup tones to creamy saturation. Such flexibility comes with high transparency, an incredibly open sound characteristic, and an extensive dynamic range.

Per the press release, “Due to this unique circuitry, the overtones always appear homogeneous and musically harmonious, making the guitar sound extremely organic, ‘catchy’ and three-dimensional, without dominating the actual sound character of the guitar and/or the amplifier.”

Similar to other modern Vahlbruch pedals, the Kaluna sports the proprietary MagTraB footswitch, ensuring a virtually infinite number of switching cycles.

The Kaluna High Voltage Tube Drive lists for €339.

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