Mastro Valvola OFF1

Mastro Valvola Introduces the 3-in-1 OFF1 Octave Fuzz Filter Leave a comment

Italian pedal manufacturer Mastro Valvola has lifted the veil on a new three-in-one effects stompbox—the OFF1 Octave Fuzz Filter.

In terms of circuitry, the OFF1 incorporates a trio of individual analog circuits in series for each effect. You can activate them independently or in tandem for a wide variety of sounds.

For starters, the octave circuit sports a wet-dry signal balance dial along with a pair of pots managing one and two octaves down the original note you play. You can dial them individually, providing an abundance of octave-enhanced tones.

“Capable of producing a wide range of tones from every fuzz era,” Mastro Valvola says the OFF1’s fuzz circuit is controllable using Tone, Gain, and Volume dials. There’s also an Octave Up effect that lets you unleash the late-60s to early-70s-esque octave doubling effect. You can set this via the left-hand footswitch or toggle switch.

Ultimately, Cutoff and Resonance pots control the synth-style filter circuit. Additionally, dual footswitches are usable in either latching or momentary mode for better control.

The Mastro Valvola OFF1 Octave Fuzz Filter is already available for €290.

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