Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi-Texture

Walrus Audio Revamps Its Slö Multi-Texture Reverb to Slötvå Leave a comment

Walrus Audio has introduced the newest addition to its reverb lineup—the Slötvå Multi-Texture, a more powerful variant of its Slö pedal.

Specs-wise, the Slötvå is pretty much like its predecessor but with new preset-saving capabilities, featuring a trio of presets for an “expansive reverb palette.”

You can create, edit, and save presets using the Bypass and Sustain footswitches or even recall them by pressing both switches simultaneously.

Elsewhere, you have three reverb flavors to choose from—Dark (Lower Octave), Rise (Ambient Swell), and Dream (Latching Pad), each accessible via a three-way toggle switch, which also allows you to change wave shapes to Sine, Warp, or Sink.

Other controls include self-explanatory Decay, Filter, Mix, and Depth reverb knobs, along with a multi-function X dial.

You can now purchase the Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi-Texture reverb for $229.

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