TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer

TC Electronic Releases the Infinite Sample Sustainer Leave a comment

TC Electronic has introduced the Infinite Sample Sustainer, a powerful pedal equipped with sophisticated soundscape-producing capabilities.

Featuring an intuitive control interface consisting of Fade, Decay, and Level dials, the Infinite Sample Sustainer gives you an extensive reverb engine and modulation block, along with an inbuilt FX loop.

Other controls include a pair of toggle switches for choosing between Dry and Reverb voices and Latching and Momentary modes. There’s also an FX Type knob in charge of navigating the seven effect options available.

Touted by TC Electronic as the “Polaroid for sound,” the Infinite Sample Sustainer lets you “build amazing soundscapes and captivating moods whenever and wherever between now and forever. Instant sound snapshots so to speak!”

The Infinite Sample Sustainer is ideal for infinite sustain or swelling chord stacks, promising lush boutique reverb tones courtesy of the same reverb algorithm found in TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame stompbox.

Also on offer are TonePrint compatibility and preset-saving powers, so you can craft or discover sustainer sounds from the TonePrint app.

“I am very excited about our first sustainer pedal ever, which opens creative spaces ready for exploration and experimentation,” TC Electronic Product Manager Paul Robert Scott said.

“Imagine the sounds you could create if you had infinite time on your hands,” he added. “Well, we can’t give you infinite time, unfortunately, but we’re very happy to offer endless amounts of sustained layers right at the tips of your toes.”

You can now preorder the Infinite Sample Sustainer for $149.

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