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China-based musical accessories manufacturer Mooer Audio is looking to shake up the compact multi-effects market with the introduction of its versatile, IR-equipped GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit.

The GE150 is a portable follow-up to Mooer’s omnipotent flagship, the GE300. It features 55 digital amp models, spec’d from the nifty Micro Preamp series, along with a fully featured IR loader.

Pretty much like a scaled-down variant of the GE300, the GE150 sorts all its digitally crafted effects and amp modelling profiles into segments called effects blocks. The GE150 contains nine overall. It includes modulation, delay, distortion/overdrive, reverb, all the cabinet simulations and amp models, noise gate, and wah. According to Mooer, the GE150 comes packed with 151 effects options.

Additionally, Mooer Audio is bigging up the GE150’s USB-B OTG output, which lets the user record directly to an OTG-supported tablet or phone. They may also hook up to a regular computer.

The GE150’s exhaustive feature lineup also includes an inbuilt tuner, 10 metronome options, 40 drum tracks, onboard expression pedal, aux input, an 80-second looper, tap tempo function, as well as an intuitive and straightforward UI.

The GE150 is the latest addition to Mooer’s GE line of multi-effects pedals, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

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