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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of its formation and the launch of the Josh Homme-favored PDF-1, leading UK pedal and amp creator Stone Deaf has unveiled the limited-edition PDF-1X.

The PDF-1X is a special, limited-edition variant of the well-loved PDF-1 overdrive pedal used by several artists. This hybrid guitar effects pedal merges the features and attributes of the PDF-1 and the PDF-2. It also incorporates a new volume booster, an extra 15dB of output, and quieter operation, making it the most versatile version of the PDF range yet.

Otherwise, the PDF-1X features a similar mix of gnarly drive and flexible EQ through the five-way bandwidth switch. The user can also hook up an expression pedal to adjust the bandwidth on the fly.

The PDF-1X combines EQ and volume boost with a versatile gain stage capable of adding distortion, fuzz, and overdrive to a signal. This super cool limited edition unit has been designed and assembled in the UK and comes with an expression pedal input for boosted wah tones.

For those quick on the draw, the first 200 pieces come with exclusive artwork, merchandise, and are signed by world-renowned illustrator McBess, who has worked with remarkable brands such as Nissan and Converse.

The PDF-1X is already available for £166.66 or around $206 on Stone Deaf FX.

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