Nuñez Amplification Drops Tetra-Fet Drive Pedal Leave a comment

Nuñez Amplification has announced the Tetra-Fet Drive, a dynamic overdrive configured to deliver tube amp sound and response within an effect pedal.

The Tetra-Fet Drive features a novel hand-wired discreet class-A design leveraging hand-picked high-quality low noise FETs. With its familiar and intuitive EQ layout, it would be convenient for players to dial in and polish the sound they hear inside their heads.

The Tetra-Fet Drive is capable of curing an anemic amp with comfort, delivering vibrant tone to a dull guitar or amp, and yielding the thick, full sound that grips the combo’s or cab’s speakers.

The EQ design gives an exciting tonal array of options making it a solution for players who feel limited, stuck, or find themselves walking over similar sonic spaces frequently. The Highs’ vibrant smooth full sound, the Mids’ detailed tone shaping capabilities, and the thick full-body Lows have transformed combos and stacks infinite times exceeding players expectations and the abilities of several amps preamp sections.

The Tetra-Fet Drive consists of controls for Gain, Level, Bass, Mid, and High. It also includes a Shift switch that allows for further sculpting, tightening the tone for shredding in the down position or bringing the Thunder when in the up position.

The Tetra-Fet Drive pedal is already available for $275 on Nuñez Amplification’s website.

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