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Minnesota-based pedal firm Chase Bliss Audio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the creation of its new Blooper effects pedal.

The company is no stranger to innovative effects pedals, boasting a roster of highly customizable stompboxes with multiple switches, dip-switches, and knobs to tease distinctive tones from an electric guitar.

Chase Bliss Audio’s MOOD dual-channel granular micro-looper and delay pedal was built in conjunction with Drolo FX and Old Blood Noise Endeavors. The stompbox combined the former’s dry looper signal with the latter’s wet signal into a single package. Individuals who want spaced-out time-based guitar effects will do better to seek a more greatly transformative pedal.

The new Blooper pedal brings the looping station to a different experimental territory. It aims to do to the looping station what Chase Bliss Audio’s Tonal Recall pedal did for delay.

The Blooper has been built with DSP coder Mark Seel from 3Degrees Audio and Parker Coons (previously of Digitech and DOD) and develops upon the concept of a looping pedal.

The finished Blooper is expected to include 40 seconds max loop time with ultra-low-noise hardware, full undo/redo capacity, 32 saveable presets, and XMOS DSP processor. It also features six loop modifiers (quantized and free time/speed changes, dropper, filter, trimmer, and scrambler) available over two individual channels.

The Blooper pedal is estimated to ship this December.

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