OPFXS Debuts the Asteroide Sampler & Harmonizer Leave a comment

OPFXS has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Asteroide Sampler & Harmonizer, which merges multiple functions to yield a beautifully-textured sound that doubles or harmonizes with the user’s playing.

The Asteroide is capable of sampling a bass note when the Sample footswitch is pressed. The unit is perfect for crafting simulated bass lines dynamically following playing style or producing “harmonically complex riff and chord progressions.”

Control-wise, the Asteroide consists of a Sample footswitch, a toggle switch for Single or Dual mode sampling, as well as control knobs for Mix, Low Oct, Fundamental, 2nd Harmonic, and High Harmonics.

Essentially, the Asteroide is a freeze stompbox that creates a pedal note played at a rhythm identical to whatever the user plays following the capture. Therefore, it can be useful in crafting accompanying bass lines—perfect for solo players who shy away from loopers. When paired with some delay and distortion, the Asteroide allows players to produce bizarre, harmonically-lush textures. 

“Can be used in conjunction or as an alternative to loop recorders in some situations, although loop recording lets you record and play back complex music patterns, they always suffer from the limitations and constraint of time, with [Asteroide] you can go free on improvisation and timing of your playing,” OPFXS details. 

The Asteroide Sampler & Harmonizer is available for €180. Check out the demo video below to hear the unit in action. 


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