OPFXS Loads All Its Effects—and More—Into the V-Uno Leave a comment

The firm behind the ingenious bassist-replacing Dig Deep, OPFXS, has introduced a reprogrammable compact multi-effects stompbox that serves up all its innovative effects along with new offerings—the V-Uno.

Consisting of three dials and dual footswitches, the V-Uno has a deceptively straightforward interface, but you can load any of as much as 20 effects into the pedal via a USB port connecting to an Android/Mac/Windows-compatible app.

Using the app, players can choose the effect they want to load and assign one or several parameters to the V-Uno’s secondary footswitch or three controls. You may use the former for tap tempo or to turn an octave effect on/off.

Existing effect categories include gain, filter, dynamic, synthesis, and modulation. However, OPFXS vows to update the available effects regularly. Also on offer are true bypass switching, expression/CV input, stereo inputs and outputs via TRS, and 9V or USB power supply options.

The OPFXS V-Uno retails for €175.

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