Tsakalis AudioWorks Room #40

Tsakalis AudioWorks Crams Two Marshall-Style Overdrives Into the Room #40 Leave a comment

Tsakalis AudioWorks has unveiled its so-called “Marshall™ Mojo in a Box,” the Room #40.

According to Tsakalis AudioWorks, Room #40 draws inspiration from “the tone and feel of the following legendary Marshall™ amps: the PLEXI™ Super Lead (1959/1987), the PLEXI™ Super Bass (1992) and the JMP™ and JCM800™ (2203/2204).”

Replacing the original amp heads’ tubes with JFET transistors, Tsakalis AudioWorks reveals that the development of Room #40’s sound concentrated on “emulating the compression and sag coming from the power amp section when these amps are pushed to the edge.”

A notable inclusion on the control set is a Variac knob, which emulates the ohmite variac transformer behind Eddie Van Halen’s iconic brown sound. It could raise or reduce the voltage going into the amp, changing its compression characteristics significantly. In Room #40, the Variac control alters the internal operating voltage from 7.5V to 21V.

Using a central toggle switch, you can move between two Marshall-style overdrive sounds, with 19 activating Plexi-esque sounds and 22 activating JMP/JCM800-like sounds. Other controls include a three-band EQ, power amp presence dial, and a master volume control. Also making it to the cut is a secondary footswitch for boosting gain.

Sporting a Marshall-inspired black and gold design, Room #40 comes with side-mounted audio jacks, true bypass switching, and a price tag of $290.99.

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