Orange Amps Teases a Trio of Reissued 1970s Pedals Leave a comment

Orange Amps has teased via Facebook a reissue of a set of stompboxes from the 1970s. The trio includes the Phazer, Distortion, and Sustain units, which are dressed in the titular color of the brand. 

The brand is also calling for anyone who owns the original units to get in touch, as these devices will serve as references for the reissue pedals. 

On its Facebook post, Orange Amps stated: “We posted this image of some original Orange pedals from the 1970s and you said we should make them again. We might have found some tea stained schematics …so message us if you have any of these pedals, we’re gonna need your help!”

Orange Amps has yet to reveal what form the reissues will take. But considering its call on individuals who own the originals, it’s safe to assume that the brand is looking to faithfully re-create their distinct circuitry instead of simply placing a modern circuit in a vintage chassis. 

All three pedals come in incredibly retro enclosures, sporting minimal artwork and controls. The top-mounted jacks are in the reverse order to the newer stompboxes available nowadays. Orange Amps has since released a more current collection of pedals, including the Terror Stamp—a pedal-sized amp that loads trademark Orange tones into a pedalboard-friendly housing. 

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