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Origin Effects has introduced the Magma57 Amp Vibrato & Drive—a pedal that emulates the vibrato and drive tones of Magnatone amplifiers from the late-1950s.

Delivering a complete Magnatone amp experience in a stompbox, the Magma57’s core is spec’d from the RevivalDRIVE platform, revamping the amp circuitry to yield the iconic clean and overdriven sounds of the Magnatone amps.

A secondary footswitch activates the Vibrato circuit, while a three-position switch indicates that the unit serves up three different vibrato tones. Blend the wet and dry signals in phase for a Uni-Vibe-esque phasing or mix them 180 degrees out of phase for a unique chorus effect. 

Speed and intensity are controllable via the Magma57’s two larger knobs. The post-drive EQ section also features a three-way toggle and adjustment control to ensure the compatibility of the output to whatever you’re plugging it.

Speaking of the pedal, Origin Effects founder Simon Keats recalled: “When we got a few different vintage Magnatone amps up on the workbench, we discovered that we loved the vibrato circuit that’s found in the mono 260 and stereo 280 models but the smaller 213 Troubadour model, which has a more basic single-stage vibrato, sounds fantastic when driven hard. So, we decided to combine the best of both – the lush two-stage vibrato from the top-of-the-range models with the preamp, tone control and power amp from the Troubadour.”

The Magma57 Amp Vibrato & Drive is available now for £385.

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