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Way Huge has unveiled an aesthetic reimagining of its Saucy Box pedal, the limited-edition Chalky Box.

Way Huge is popular for its quirky pedal names, such as the Overrated Special, Camel Toe and Swollen Pickle. Now, individuals can come up with their own eccentric pedal names with the new Chalky Box pedal.

This visually customizable version of the Saucy Box comes dressed in chalkboard paint. The special enclosure allows players to scribble their preferred name and design their graphics.

“This special limited edition of the Way Huge Saucy Box WHE205C boasts a whole new coat of…chalk? That’s right, this Chalky Box is covered with chalkboard paint and comes with your very own set of chalk so that you can give it your own personal artistic touch,” Way Huge wrote on its Instagram post.

Inside, the Chalky Box operates as an exact clone of the Saucy Box overdrive stompbox launched in 2014. It houses the same circuit as the amp-style Saucy Box. Control-wise, the pedal consists of the same trio of knobs—Tone, Volume, and Drive.

The Chalky Box is a highly limited release and will be available only from a select few outlets for $119.

For more information and the complete list of the retailers, check out Way Huge.

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