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Manchester-headquartered boutique pedal manufacturer Stone Deaf FX has announced the new Noise Reaper professional noise gate.

Crafted for line-level instruments, basses, and guitars, the Noise Reaper is a design that evolved out of the technology within the Stone Deaf FX Fig Fumb fuzz and Warp Drive distortion stompboxes.

“Tried and tested for many years in these applications with added improvements controlling unwieldy feedback and signal sources, be sure that this is one of the best noise gates on the market,” Stone Deaf FX claimed.

The Noise Reaper carries a single Threshold dial that lets users set how much the gate opens. That allows for the dynamics they wish to shine through.

This professional noise gate functions by “taking the input sensitivity of the guitar input and the noisy signal source and comparing the two,” allowing users to gate annoying noise while still sustaining notes.

The Noise Reaper also sports an on/off LED indicator as well as a soft-touch true bypass footswitch.

Moreover, the pedal is capable of operating in either Series FX Loop or Pedal mode. Players may also chain two Reapers together for a third option, which doubles up the dynamic range of the gating function.

The Noise Reaper gate pedal lists for $160. For more details, check out Stone Deaf FX.

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