Zeppelin Design Labs Drops the VPM-1 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Mod Leave a comment

Chicago-based Zeppelin Design Labs has launched the VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod, a makeover mod for your Ernie Ball VP Jr. 

“The string in my Ernie Ball once broke in the middle a show,” VPM-1 designer Brach Siemens said. “I promised myself that night that someday I’d develop a solid-state solution—I never want that to happen again.”

Touted as the “mother of all volume pedal mods,” the VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod allows you to revamp your Ernie Ball 6180 and 6181 VP Jr. It features an all-analog signal path as well as a magnet and a Hall effect sensor for detecting treadle movement. You can select from five different volume taper curves (linear, two reverse logarithmic curves, and two logarithmic curves) and add up to 14dB gain. 

The VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod also comes with two optional upgrades. The Expression Upgrade enables you to control virtually any pedal with an expression input while the Stereo Upgrade adds traditional and panning stereo modes. Zeppelin Design Labs promises “no strings to break or potentiometers to get dirty.”

Zeppelin Design Labs gives you three build options: Ready to Install (pre-assembled and easy to fix using a few basic tools), DIY Kit (create from scratch), or Full Service (send your VP Jr and the company will take care of everything). 

The price for the VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod ranges from $69 to $255.

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