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Stone Heavy Sound has launched the Decade pedal, a “passive pickup response tripler” that vows to electronically alter the number of winds of wire in a pickup coil and get unique tones from a guitar.

The Decade pedal is unique and revolutionary. It is point-to-point wired with powerful discrete ingredients and employs passive circuitry to modify the frequency response of pickups. It triples the overall number of available sounds by providing two modes (60s and 70s) besides the pickup’s standard output.

Per Stone Heavy Sound, the 60s mode “is like taking winds off the pickup,” allowing humbuckers to sound brighter. Meanwhile, the 70s mode takes highs off the top end and gives midrange to single-coil sounds.

The Decade pedal consists of a regular 2.1mm DC power jack for powering only LED indicators since the circuit is truly passive (perfect for the purist). Additionally, Stone Heavy Sound highlights that the Decade does not function as intended with active pickup systems. The pedal also needs to be first in the user’s pedal chain to interface properly with the instrument.

The Decade lets the users capture humbucking tones from a single-coil and vice versa. Each unit is hand finished, wired, and assembled in Burbank, California in numbered limited editions. The Decade pedal is sold direct online for $299 plus the shipping fee.

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