Z.Vex Launches See-Through Variant of Box of Rock Leave a comment

Z.Vex has unveiled a limited-edition clear variant of its iconic Box of Rock overdrive pedal.

The Box of Rock Clear sports a chassis made of Lexan, a material utilized for airplane windows and bulletproof glass, so users can stomp as violent as they want. It also includes an internal Faraday cage wiring to guarantee correct shielding of the hand-soldered circuit.

Apart from that, the Box of Rock Clear boasts a “1966 Marshall JTM45 turned all the way up” tone identical to the original version. The tone control sets the brightness. The Box of Rock Clear also features a high-headroom low-noise boost.

The Box of Rock Clear will add some sparkle to any pedalboard. The construction incorporates meticulous grounding and copper shielding of the circuit board, true bypass stomp switch, input and output cables, as well as grounding of the stomp switch body. The circuit has been hand-soldered by Shoua Thao—the brilliant assembler behind all of Z.Vex’s hand-painted guitar effects for more than two decades.

This limited-edition stompbox also consists of flashy green and blue LEDs. It is already available for pre-order until September 18 on Z.Vex’s website. Handcrafted in Minneapolis, MN, the Box of Rock Clear is here for a limited time only and retails for $269.00.

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