Strymon Midnight Edition

Strymon Launches Midnight-Finished DIG, Mobius, BlueSky, TimeLine Leave a comment

Strymon has given its DIG delay, Mobius modulation multi-FX, BlueSky reverb, and TimeLine tape delay a sleek Midnight Edition makeover.

Each Midnight Edition pedal sports black dials, a none-more-black finish, and a retail price similar to their regular counterparts.

According to Strymon, the Midnight Edition lineup was launched at the request of customers, saying, “Though we often go for more of a rainbow of colors we have heard many of the requests you have sent in asking for something different… Black by far was the most requested.”

Unsurprisingly, the first run of Midnight Edition stompboxes, which includes the Deco tape emulator, BigSky reverb, and El Capistan echo, sold like hotcakes via both Strymon’s website and third-party retailers.

At press time, the new set of Midnight Edition pedals is all in stock on Strymon and other retailers.

Head over to the brand’s website for more details.


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