Source Audio Soundblox Pro Poly-Mod Filter

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Source Audio

The Source Audio Soundblox Pro Poly-Mod Filter gives you all the functionality and power of the iconic Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter with specially voiced effects, suitable for keyboard and guitar. This carefully engineered “stompbox supreme” delivers unparalleled control, sonic diversity, and versatility, catering to all your wah-wah, envelope filter, and dubstep needs. The Poly-Mod Filter features 23 filter effects, including 2- and 4-Pole Low Pass, Peak & Notch, Single Peak, Triple Peak, and Phasers. It consists of a Wet/Dry Mix control featuring Source Audio’s low-end preserving algorithm Lo-Retain.

Brand: Source Audio


  • 23 Filter Sounds including 2-Pole Low Pass, 4-Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phasers.
  • Positive and Negative filter sweep with variable range and sensitivity.
  • Wet/Dry Mix knob featuring our signature low-end preserving algorithm Lo-Retain.
  • 4 modulation sources including envelope, LFO, expression pedal and Hot Hand.
  • Tap tempo speed control for LFO and State-of-the-art DSP-Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, with crystal clear 24-bit converters.

Release Date: 01-01-2013

Details: The Soundblox Pro Poly-Mod Filter features all the power and functionality of our award winning Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter with specifically voiced effects, perfectly suited to guitar and keyboard. This meticulously engineered “stompbox supreme” provides exceptional flexibility, control, and sonic diversity, fulfilling all your envelope filter, wah-wah, and dubstep needs. The Poly-Mod Filter’s 23 filter effects include multiple variations on 2 and 4 Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phaser. Each filter is controllable via envelope follower (i.e. auto-wah), variable wave shape LFO (Low Frequency Oscillation), expression pedal, or our own Hot Hand effect controllers. It includes a variety of adjustable parameters including positive/negative filter sweeps, sweep range, attack and decay speed, frequency range, LFO rate (with tap tempo), and Q. Three footswitches and two preset banks hold six easily accessed user presets.

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